EARLY REASSURANCE SCAN £49  (6-14 weeks)

When you have just found out you are pregnant it can be a long wait until your hospital scan. That is why we offer the opportunity for our customers to come for an early reassurance scan.

The purpose of this scan is to:-

  • Confirm that your pregnancy is intrauterine (not ectopic)

  • Check your babies heartbeat 

  • Confirm whether your pregnancy is single or multiple

  • Measure the length of your baby to confirm the gestational age and your estimated due date.

This scan is performed on top of your tummy and can be done from 6 weeks+ but we suggest waiting until you are 7 weeks just incase you have ovulated a little later than expected. 


With each scan we send all pictures and videos captured to your phone and also print some thermal images off for you to keep. 

Please note than sometimes we are unable to see your pregnancy on top of your tummy. This can be because the pregnancy is earlier than you estimated, you have a retroverted uterus or you have a high BMI.

If we cannot see your pregnancy on top of your tummy we will offer a rescan between 1-2 weeks later or suggest you contact the early pregnancy unit of your local hospital.

This scan does not check for abnormalities and should never substitute your 12 week NHS scan.

We request that you attend with a full bladder for this scan. Please drink a pint of fluid 1 hr before the scan ( Please do not drink a fizzy drink)


14 - 24 weeks

Are you excited to find out if your baby is Pink or Blue?


We can confirm your babies gender from 14 weeks in a gender scan. 

This scan includes a 2 photos and as a extra treat all images are sent digitally to your phone for free. We will also have a sneaky look in 4D if baby is in a good position. You can upgrade and include a small bear that includes your babies heart beat for £15, or a large Heart Beat Bear for £25. We also sell large confetti cannons for £15 or gigantic for £20

Please be aware that sometimes babies can be naughty and hide their gender however, this can usually be rectified by eating something sweet, a having a cold drink and a walk around the local area. But do not worry,  if this still doesn't work a rescan will be offered.  

We suggest that you attend the scan with a full bladder. Please drink a pint of fluid 1 hr before the scan.

Please note that a well being check will be performed on baby and if a problem is detected you will be informed by the sonographer. With your permission a report will be written for you to take to your midwife/Doctor.

This scan is as accurate as one later on. To make sure we have done trials over the last 18 months,  and have been correct in 99.9% of scans).


4D BONDING SCAN from £69

24-35 Weeks


In our opinion it is best to have the scan between 26-27 weeks if you have an anterior placenta and 27-29 weeks if you have a posterior placenta. However, if you are out of these time frames we may still be able to get good pictures but please understand that it may be harder..


It is a wonderful bonding experience for family members with photos for you to take away and cherish.


With every 4D scan we do a health check of your baby to see that baby is meeting their expected growth and we give you an estimated weight. To enable us to do this accurately we request that you bring your hand held hospital notes to your scan.

We have three different 4D scans.

It is possible to do this scan without seeing your babies gender.

Premium 4D scan - £69


Our premium package includes all digital images and videos put on a DVD or digitally sent to your phone and 2 glossy colour photos printed off and put in a handmade keepsake card.

VIP 4D scan - £119

Our VIP Package is a great gift as it includes extra scan time, a Heart Beat Teddy bear along with all images and videos immediately sent to your phone,  USB of all images and mini clips,  4 glossy (6 x 4) Photographs, 2 large keyrings.

All appointments last for at least 30 minutes (except the VIP which is 45 mins), so the scan is not compromised if you choose the cheaper option. The only difference is what you take home to cherish.

Important Information regarding our 4D scans

Sometimes baby is naughty and doesn't want us to see their face. This can usually be rectified by eating some chocolate, having a cold fizzy drink and a taking a walk around the lovely shops of Churchtown village.  However if this still doesn't encourage baby to move, a free rescan will be offered. 

Please note that images can vary depending on babies position, the position of your placenta, how much fluid is around baby and your BMI. For an anterior placenta it is best to come around 27 weeks. This doesn't mean you wouldn't be able get images later but in our experience it can hinder the scan pictures.

Please call us on 01704 620213 to discuss if you have any questions regarding the packages or would like any further information that is not answered in our frequently asked questions section.


14-39 weeks

It's a long time from your 20 week scan till the birth of your baby so we introduced this scan which is the similar to  a growth scan in the hospital.


This is a nice scan to have as you will get to see baby again, listen to their heartbeat, get a wellbeing check of baby and be given an estimated weight.


It is possible to do this scan without seeing your babies gender and is a nice scan to have if 4D scans aren't for you but you want see your baby again. 

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